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Welcome to Grapevine Elementary/Bienvenidos a Grapevine Elementary

It is my pleasure to introduce ourselves as the new principal and assistant principal at Grapevine Elementary!
We begin this year with excitement and motivation to do what we love the most; to teach and to educate your child in a positive, safe and nurturing learning environment.  Know that safety is our number one priority.

Our teachers have worked very hard to design the academic plan for the school year with a focus on building an educational foundation through collaboration and innovation for our students to become real world problem solvers.    

In addition to our focus on literacy, language and math, social studies, science, PE and more, our school continues to offer full time music education and art education. We believe and support Whole Child Education, with emphasis on academic and socio emotional excellence.

Three years ago we opened a dual language immersion strand in English and in Spanish. 52 students in Kindergarten enjoyed the dual language experience to become bilingual and biliterate. This year, thanks to the interest of our families, we have added close to 350 students learning in the dual language immersion program in grades TK-3. 

We, at Grapevine, welcome everyone. We know how important it is to celebrate other peoples’ cultures, and all the great things that make the United States a great nation. Being a multicultural school and community is a great benefit for all our students and families. It is important to celebrate each other’s cultures under the same flag and we will provide opportunities for this throughout the school year. 

We encourage our families to follow the Grizzly Way at home. At Grapevine we live by four expectations: Show Respect, Make Responsible Choices, Solve Problems and Be Safe. Our students are eager to receive Grizzly Dollars for doing what is right. Our goal is to develop and support great citizens in our community.  

We are looking forward to a great year ahead of us. We cannot do this without you, so we ask our parents to come to our school and be an active member. Join our Parent Teacher Association (PTA), our School Site Council (SSC), or our English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC). 

Thank you very much for being here and for being a part of the Grizzly family.
Sandra Cephas, Principal
[email protected]

Veronica Kitts, Assistant Principal
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