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Social Emotional Academic Support (SEAS)

seas 1

Dan Martin

seas 2

Scott Wiessner

seas 3

Hoda Lawendy

seas 4

Iggy Ramirez

seas 5

Rachelle McNair 

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Erin Hogan



What is SEAS?


SEAS (Social Emotional Academic Support) is a program that provides academic and social emotional support to students with an IEP who require more intensive support due to behaviors presenting in the school setting. It is an individualized program that may contain a continuum of components ranging from a self-contained classroom in a comprehensive school setting to full inclusion into general education classes. Other components may include mental health counseling and other related services as deemed appropriate by the IEP team.  All levels of SEAS programs may use components of positive behavior systems such as: Zones of Regulation, Self & Match (check 1-2-3), the Clip System, campus safe zones, and token reward systems.


Mission Statement

To  support social, emotional, academic, and behavioral goals while providing a safe, structured, and supervised educational environment where students can receive the necessary support to meet their IEP goals.  The goal of SEAS is to promote independent, life-long learners who can successfully transition back into the general education setting.


SEAS Program Structure

  1. Small group setting

  2. Staff support with Instructional assistance

  3. Adapted/modified curriculum

  4. Provide Accommodations/modifications in the classroom/campus

  5. Structured Schedule

  6. Program privileges and incentives

  7. Mainstreaming/inclusion

  8. Counseling

  9. Provide services to support educational benefit

  10. Positive reinforcement systems (as appropriate)

Contact Erin Hogan  Erin Hogan Staff
Contact Hoda Lawendy  Hoda Lawendy Instructional Aide
Contact Daniel Martin  Daniel Martin SDC Teacher
Contact Rachelle McNair  Rachelle McNair Instructional Aide
Contact Ignacio Ramirez  Ignacio Ramirez Instructional Aide
Contact Scott Wiessner  Scott Wiessner Teacher